Vineyard Management

Vineyard Management Zones case study

Growers can use TerrAvion imagery to identify and manage varying vigor zones in their vineyards. In this example, the grower identified a low vigor zone in his vineyard block, created a management zone, and devised a plan of action to remedy the low vigor zone.   Using NDVI to identify and amend canopy variability enables the potential for higher quality/quantity and decreases the need for costly differential harvesting. 17-22cm resolution imagery lets you monitor your vines at row level and our adjustable NDVI color-map lets you filter out cover crop and focus one on vine vigor.

Use vigor maps to create management zones and evaluate real-time performance of your fields and to inform all management actions

Sampling and Yield Estimation Zones


1. Review imagery and note specific zones of varying vigor levels. Draw a polygon around sampling              areas and save the polygon. Record the brix in those areas or make other notes as needed 

2. Conduct grape sampling

      a. Carry mobile device (phone/tablet) with the TerrAvion mobile application 

3. Use the blue location dot in the TerrAvion mobile app to locate to a specific vine row

4. As you take a grape sample, place a point of exact location in the mobile application

      a. Label the point and grape sample

5. Analyse grape samples and determine how sample correspond to vigor map



Missing Vines


1. Review NDVI imagery

      a. Zoom in to view imagery at the row level

2. Look for low vigor areas that stand out against otherwise uniform vigor rows

3. Direct scouting team to rows showing stretches of low vigor

4. Use findings to adjust yield estimates or guide replanting decisions


Pruning Zones


1. Review late season, pre-harvest imagery

2. Look for areas of high vigor.

3. Direct pruning teams to the exact rows of high vigor that may require pruning

      a. Use the GPS functionality of the TerrAvion mobile app to guide yourself to a specific row

4. After pruning, use the polygon tool in OverView to draw a polygon around the area that you’ve pruned, save the polygon, and refer back to it as subsequent images come in so that you can understand the effect of your pruning.



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