USDA Surrgo soil map

TerrAvion USDA Surrgo soil map overlay

Soil type determines many farm management decisions including which seeds to plant and how much fertilizer to use: two of the most costly decisions a grower must make. Growers can use TerrAvion imagery to create soil zone maps in their fields. Use the USDA SURRGO soil map feature along with their TerrAvion imagery, which on average is delivered 15 times throughout the growing seasons, to gain a comprehensive understanding of soil conditions in their fields. Use this information to create soil zones.

Natural COlor

Use USDA surrgo soil map overlay along with other terravion map layers to create soil management zones

1. Review imagery from previous season

      a. Look for low vigor areas that show signs of water stress

      b. Monitor areas of high equipment traffic

      c. Focus on these areas as potential soil compaction zones

2. Reference USDA SURRGO soil map feature in OverView to identify areas of poor soil composition.

3. Direct scouting efforts to areas that show signs of low vigor

4. Conduct soil sampling

5. If results show nutrient deficiencies, consult with agronomist and consider a nutrient application.

      a.If you decide to make a nutrient application, consult with your agronomist to decide if a spot                     treatment or variable rate treatment are viable options

            i. If spot treatment, use imagery to identify target area

                   1. Draw and export shapefiles of target area in OverView and upload into prescription                                     program


                   2. Create target treatment zones in TerrAvion affiliated precision ag platform

           ii. If variable rate treatment, use imagery to create prescription zones

                   1. Draw and export shapefiles in OverView and import into prescription program  


                   2. Create prescription zones in TerrAvion affiliated precision ag platform

6. If soil compaction detected, consult with your agronomist and consider an aggressive tilling plan in          the offseason


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