TerrAvion + Skymatics

Skymatics is a bridge between images and information, providing customers timely information to help them make profitable decisions in all aspects of their operations.

About Skymatics

SkyClaim is Skymatics’ crop damage analysis program.

SkyClaim provides growers a simple solution to the insurance claims process.

SkyClaim is focused on adding value to the crop insurance process for growers and insurers, providing them with a collaborative solution for the assessment and resolution of crop insurance claims.

SkyClaim offers insurance providers an automated and streamlined system for handling damage claims that is otherwise prone to delays due to weather and unsafe conditions.

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We’d love to talk to you about creating an integrated solution for our joint customers. TerrAvion prides itself on having an open API and remains committed to working with partners to develop better precision agriculture tools. Display processed maps inside your application, or pull raw data from us to create your novel indices.


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