TerrAvion + EFC Systems

 EFC Systems is a thirty-year-old technology solutions provider focused on improving farm profitability and retailer operational efficiency. Their solutions provide enterprise functionality to both retailer and service provider as well as growers by way of FieldAlytics, a comprehensive field management system.

About EFC Systems

FieldAlytics, EFC Systems’ farm management platform, is designed to improve operational efficiencies, generate more revenue per machine/man and provide a higher level of service to its customers.

FieldAlytics mobile Scouter is the simplistic and efficient way to keep track of in-season scouting events. Built atop of the Records module backbone, it has advanced functionality for creating detailed observations and recommendations.

EFC Precision Agronomy’s Fertility and Data Analysis engine is designed to improve efficiencies in new or existing precision ag businesses and is a complete, flexible, and efficient precision ag software solution.

FieldAlytics partners with other services to expand features and functionality with the web platform. These integrations allow FieldAlytics users the ability to utilize or enroll their fields for these programs while never leaving the web platform.

FieldAlytics Records module allows easy creation of action items and events for the field. The simple, time-saving design allows for easy creation and report generation. 

The EFC Precision Agronomy Mobile increases the speed and accuracy of the soil sampling process. It makes file management easy and accurate; allowing data from mapping and sampling devices to synchronize to the web system wirelessly from the field.

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