Sub-optimal deliveries

Sub-optimal image deliveries​

The TerrAvion flight operations team works tirelessly to maintain a high delivery success rate for our customers. In 2017, our median delivery rate was 100% and 90% of our acres received at least an 88% delivery rate. However, we can’t control the weather, and at times, our one to two-week flight windows don’t provide us with adequate weather to capture your imagery. The terms of the TerrAvion Service Level Agreement give our team some room for adjustment as we work through these stretches of poor weather conditions, but we may still delivery imagery of suboptimal quality to your account that offers value despite it not meeting our quality standards. Our goal is always to deliver optimal quality imagery for all of your fields 100% of the time, but in the rare instances when that proves impossible, please note the following issues that can result in substandard imagery.


Clouds in Aerial Imagery

The TerrAvion flight operations crew works with one or two-week windows to capture imagery, depending on your subscription region so that they have enough time to work around cloud coverage in the area. However, sometimes the poor weather conditions persist throughout that entire window. In these cases, our pilots will take their best shot at capturing imagery even if it is contaminated by clouds. To the right is an example of a cloudy image that TerrAvion may deliver to an account despite its substandard quality.


Cloud Shadows in Aerial Imagery

Another issue involving clouds is shadows. While the clouds themselves may not be present in a photo, the shadows they cast are. Above is an example of imagery with shadows in it that TerrAvion may deliver to an account despite its substandard quality. 

Non-weather related issues


In rare instances, TerrAvion will run into collection issues due to pilot error. Collection issues  include flight cuts due to route problems or GPS issues. Substandard image quality can also result from poor flight lines. To the right is an example of a field image with a flight cut. When flight cuts happen, they often times affect only one of four image layers. In such cases, TerrAvion may deliver a cut image to an account despite its substandard quality.

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