Internal tools engineer

Job Description

As a multi-faceted company, TerrAvion’s engineering team provides interface support for its internal data processing, quality assurance, and customer engagement. These teams interact with copious amounts of data on a day-to-day basis. A successful candidate will be a person who gets excited by the thought of making things more efficient, who aims to measure success and progress, and who likes to build things that help people. You will work with our teams to leverage data to make informed decisions, and then create and maintain tools to enable them to perform at the highest levels of productivity.


  • 2+ years experience in React-based front-end development

  • Implying strong experience in JS (3+ years)

  • Experience in SQL (Postgres)

  • Certified training in software engineering, either in the form of an accredited degree, completion of a coding boot camp, or other recognized CS training

  • Experience in python

  • Experience in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or equivalent

  • Self-motivation and autonomy

Ideal candidates have

  • Experience with GIS and/or maps

  • Experience in mobile development (Java/C#/React Native)

  • Experience working in small teams

  • Experience working with startups


Compensation will be market rate, stock options and include standard benefits.


Position is located at headquarters in San Leandro, CA, three blocks from the BART station.

Working at terravion

TerrAvion is the largest volume provider of aerial imagery to farms in the US. Each week or month, we map more than 100 times as much area as the whole electric drone industry combined. We are able to do this because we have the best model, the best technology, and the best team for delivering imagery to growers. Our company is highly interdisciplinary, fast-paced, and focused on solving real problems for farmers.

Our work is changing the world for the better, especially for the people who grow our food and wine. We have a culture of responsibility, accountability, and excellence. We take these values seriously with respect to one another, our customers, and partners, though we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We strive to be a place where team members can perform their best.


If you share our values and believe in what TerrAvion is doing, we would love to have you join our team. We offer a continuously improving basket of benefits to employees appropriate for a start-up including competitive cash compensation, equity in TerrAvion, an open office, a fridge full of snacks and drinks, work from home, and discounts on flight training. We are located in San Leandro, California, three blocks from the BART station.


Please send all resumes and inquires to


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