Aphid Infestation

Aphid infestation case study

TerrAvion aerial imagery can help growers identify and quantify pest infestations in their fields and evaluate the effectiveness of an insecticide treatment throughout the season. In this example, the May 12 imagery revealed areas of low vigor in the western half of this alfalfa field, which in-field scouting revealed to be an aphid infestation. The grower made an immediate insecticide application and 5 weeks later, on June 19th, the field has almost fully recovered.


Natural color

5/12/17 NDVI

6/19/17 NDVI

Use TerrAvion aerial imagery to help identify and quantify pest damage, to guide targeted treatments, and to evaluate the effectiveness of applied treatments.

1. Monitor imagery throughout the season

     a. Start with first image delivery and note changes in vigor in subsequent imagery

2. Look for suspicious vigor viability in sequential imagery

     a. Consider various factors, such as soil conditions and field history when trying to explain varying vigor              rates

3. Direct in-person scouting efforts to low vigor areas

     a. If a pest is identified, take samples and refer to threshold number for specific pest

4. Consult with your agronomist to decide if a pesticide treatment is warranted. Consider a spot or variable        rate treatment.

     a. If spot treatment, use imagery to identify a target area

          i. Draw and export shapefiles of target area in OverView and upload into prescription program


         ii. Create target treatment zones in TerrAvion affiliated precision ag platform

     b. If variable rate treatment, use imagery to create prescription zones

          i. Draw and export shapefiles in OverView and import into prescription program  


         ii. Create prescription zones in TerrAvion affiliated precision ag platform

5.  Monitor subsequent imagery to assess the nutrient application


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