Hybrid Performance

soybean Hybrid performance case study

Growers can use their TerrAvion imagery to identify soil zones and to monitory variety performance in different soil types. In this example, the grower used imagery to determine whether a leading variety (planted above the white line) performed better in zones of high pH soil. The July 25 imagery shows that the bottom hybrid seems to be growing more vigorously, but the September 12 imagery shows that both hybrids seem to be growing evenly throughout most of the field, but the hybrid in the top of the field is clearly outperforming in the high pH soil.

Hybrid test 7/25/17
hybrid test 9/12/17

Use TerrAvion aerial imagery to evaluate seed variety, nutrient and chemical performance

1. Set coordinates of test plots and hybrid selection

2. In OverView, use polygon tool to label each test plot and hybrid

3. Monitor imagery throughout the season

4. Use NDVI imagery to note varying vigor conditions 

      a. Make notes in labeling window to document hybrid performance 

5. At end of season, review crop performance notes along with yield data to assess hybrid performances

6. Use information to determine best performing variety 


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