Center Pivot irrigation

Center pivot irrigation failure case study

Growers can use their TerrAvion thermal and NDVI imagery to identify irrigation system failures. In this example, the July 7th natural color image appears to show a healthy field, but the thermal imagery reveals a clogged sprinkler towards the center of the pivot. Unfortunately, this grower did not monitor his imagery during the season, and this issue went undetected. The August 25th imagery illustrates the affects of the clogged sprinkler

clogged sprinkler 

7/7/17 Thermal 

Natural Color 7/7/17

Natural Color 8/25/17

Use thermal and NDVI imagery to catch irrigation failures and replace clogged sprinklers early enough to limit yield losses

1. Upon first image delivery, monitor thermal imagery to spot anomalies.

      a. For pivot sprinkler system, look for hot thermal rings that indicate clogged sprinklers   

2. In general, cold spots indicate high or excessive irrigation levels and hot spots indicate water-stressed      areas

3. Scout irrigation system where failure suspected 

4. Make any warranted irrigation system corrections before failures adversely affect yields


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